Environment and Sustainability at CWI Floors

Environment and sustainability are important components of responsible manufacturing. We’ve put together an overview of what we at CWI Floors as well as our suppliers do to ensure a sustainable and environmentally-friendly process.

Helpful links

Here are a couple sites that talk about sustainability and some made in America from manufacturers we support.






CARE Carpet America recovery effort

There is no simple, routine method in place today to recycle old carpet. Each case is individual since there is no infrastructure to handle old carpet at this time. CARE is working to help put that infrastructure in place. Please keep in mind, recycling costs money; it is not free. Costs vary with location and available systems. A list of CARE’s Reclamation Partners are available at the link below.

CARE is the Carpet America Recovery Effort. The non-profit was created to oversee the goals and targets documented in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on January 8, 2002 by the carpet industry, a number of states, the federal EPA and a small group of non-governmental organization (NGO’s). Read more about CARE on their website

Post-consumer carpet diversion and recycling are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for all stakeholders.

Mohawk sustainability

From Mohawk’s Sustainability Website:

“What If?” It’s a question we ask a lot at Mohawk. Frequently, it involves innovating new and better products, new styles, new attributes and new levels of performance. Innovation is also about developing more sustainable materials, manufacturing techniques, and practices regarding installation and reuse. Our willingness to rethink the status quo of flooring design — combined with our record-high levels of investment in the business — has led to a steady pipeline of new products. Today, recent introductions make up a significant percentage of our sales.